Rampage... Hmmm.

Ok, when I heard Uwe Boll was doing a movie called "Rampage"... I figured I'd be watching bad f/x and a giant wolf, lizard, and gorilla tearing down buildings... He's slaughtered more video games than the Atari Jaguar.
This movie was surprisingly entertaining. Now, having said that, I'll say this: He still has structure issues. Where were the cops? Why did so few people notice when Bill entered a building?
That aside, it was a great little thriller, intense in spots. Dull in others, just enough to snap you out of the horrible scenes of mass murder and back to the horrible monotony of everyday life. The handheld camera felt good and never gave you the queasy feeling brought on by so many other films where a tripod is apparently beyond the budget. The acting was surprisingly good with only a few groaner moments in the mostly improvised dialogue (yep- I said "improvised")...
I don't know how to categorize the movie really... it's a violent story where you don't really have enough invested in the victims to care, but the lead character is a complete psycho... I hated everyone including his parents who were clueless.

Watch this one... It's just so... interesting.

Excellent job by Brendan Fletcher as the killer. Also notable were bit parts by Matt Frewer (Max Headroom, Pestilence on Supernatural) and Michael Pare (Eddie and the Cruisers)

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