Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pixar is just brilliant...

It seems like no matter what they do... it's gold. I have yet to have a serious complaint with Pixar... If they aren't making a statement with the visuals, they're doing it with storyline, and if it's not storyline, it's a powerful message, normally they apply all three with the finesse of a master craftsman and we sit and watch in awe, glad that they are around...
I've seen a lot of sequels in my time... even the greats like Godfather, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Indiana Jones suffered in their follow on attempts to capitalize on the success of the originals. Toy Story three was not rushed, doesn't capitalize on anything except for the love we all have for those toys, the joys of childhood, and the imaginations of some brilliant artists. Run... sprint... but do not walk to see this film. Don't wait for the DVD... don't miss it on the screen.
If I had one complaint, it was that I saw it in 3D which (again) was unnecessary and might have been a little distraction to have the uncomfortable glasses on my face... The story brings back the characters you love, puts them in another perilous situation which becomes wholly believable through the course of events. You will cheer for Woody and Buzz, Bullseye and Jesse... and even the piggy bank, the Potato Heads and the T-Rex... Every emotion is taxed... every scene is flawlessly rendered and the end is a tear-jerking stroke of film-making genius.
Better than the first? Maybe... but it is definitely the first second sequel I've seen that was as magical, as beautiful, and had just as much heart as the first...

Oh, and the big baby and cymbal monkey are just terrifying.
I have a huge man crush on the guys at Pixar... They rock.

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