Been watching a bunch of crap, horror-wise, lately. Rehash, reboot, remakes and crappy sequels. 3D is a fad folks, it cycles about every 30 years and doesn't make a movie better. Who wants to sit at home with 3D glasses on all day? Really? Let's lose the gimmicks and get to the meat of it. Storyline. Characters with style and substance, plotlines that are original and meaningful.
Sure there's room for the blockbusting, popcorn-munching fun, but if I have to suffer through another teens I don't care about go to the cabin in the woods/mountains/snow/bayou and drink and have sex while they get slaughtered in non-random, non-interesting fashion and their friends don't notice or care, I'm going to become homicidal.
My recommendations for today, horror fans, are the following:
The Children, The Collector and Solomon Kane (it's not that bad)

Come on Carpenter, Craven, Coscarelli, Hooper, etc... let's fix this rut... All you new directors/writers/producers, show 'em how it's done...

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