Not sure why I'm writing about "Hang Cool Teddy Bear" which is Meat Loaf's new album... but I find it strangely awesome. Completely intact is his ragingly strong voice... gone are the Off-Broadway sounding bloated power ballads from the Bat Out Of Hell albums... Granted I loved the first Bat Out of Hell... and who could forget him in Rocky Horror. Even as Jack Black's dad in Pick of Destiny. He's just a likable dude. This CD has a different vibe. The intertwining stories on each song are supposed to tell the story of a soldier. Not sure I got that from it, but whatever. Look for "She's Like a Rose", a rock/rap song in the styles of Beastie Boys and Nickelback--did I mention it's a duet with Jack Black? Some how it works.
"Elvis in Vegas" reminds me of "Born to Run"... is it that good? No. Will it be a classic? No, but it's still pretty good. "LosAngelosers" is fun, great lyrics. There are some questionable lyrics on here... 'What was he thinkin?' and 'Did he just say that? Who says that?' came to mind a few times. Definitely not for the little kiddies.
I give it a 3 outta 5.

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