Is "That's so gay!" offensive? Should you correct people on it?

Is it better to have peace of mind for saying something... Or peace in the moment for letting it slide?

Do gay people walk around saying "Damn... That's so straight."?
Doubtful, but I think they should.

"That's so gay" is something 4th graders say... And it was something 4th graders said when I was in 4th grade (28 years ago)... So not only is it immature and stupid... It's also about a generation old... And it doesn't make any sense.

Either the perpetrator means that something is very happy, which would mean it was a good thing... Or that something (usually a situation or object having nothing to do with sexual orientation) is homosexual which makes no sense. Sexual orientation is none of your damn business unless it's your orientation. I'm not even sure "sexual" is a good descriptive term... maybe there shouldn't be a descriptive term-- ooh, I got one: "People"... The way I think everyone should be described.
By the time you finished explaining this, the "That's so gay" person would probably be confused anyway...
Now if you use the term while watching same-sex people actually have sex, then the statement would be appropriate, but I doubt that's the case... Or maybe you were watching a pride parade in which case it would probably suit. But, it's most likely just something stupid that stuck in your head because nothing else is in your head. "What, I have to work a whole 8 hours? That's so gay."
Stop using judgmental phrases. It makes you sound uneducated and narrow minded and it puts others off and makes them uncomfortable.
If this information offends you, it's probably because it applies to you. You are entitled to your opinion... Just do the research first and present it intelligently.

Can we all hug now and get on with our personal lives that are no one else's business?

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