So what the hell do you write in a blog? I'm about 10 years behind the times here. Truth is, I'm painfully shy. Stick me on the internet and I become quite mouthy, even outspoken--but that's not me. Not that I can't get spun up in reality, but it takes more prodding.
I write. I am a writer. If I keep telling myself that, it will become true. Truth is, you're reading this... so I've accomplished that goal.
I want you to read my stories. Horror for now... One book out, one more in the works... But there are other adventures in my head. I draw inspiration from my children who still have their imaginations. Mine is there, deep down and requires a little mining.
Look to this page, or my facebook page for info about what madness I make. Tell the stories in your head. There's always someone who wants to hear them.


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