Diversity. A bit off topic.

News flash people... All great ideas did not come from straight, white, protestant males. Now, having said that, there's nothing wrong with straight, white, protestant, males... but please let people be people, people!
Mixing things up is what the US was founded on. We're (the US) not always right--sometimes we aren't even close, but we're usually at the top of the pile. It's the diversity we have that puts us there. Learn about other cultures, learn about ancestry. Men, learn about women, Women--learn about men and let people love who they love. What the hell business is it of yours anyway? Why supress happiness?
The truth is: life is short. No great shock there. I guarantee death won't care about ethnicity, religious or sexual preference. When it's due, it's due... Don't hurt yourself and don't hurt others. Outside of that, everything else should be hunky-dory.


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