I'm Lousy at Small Talk

Here we are again, months since my last post. It's not that I don't like the three of you that read this...Hell, I'm married to at least one of you. It's just that my life isn't all that interesting on a day to day basis. A couple times a year, something happens that's newsworthy for the world.

Sometimes things happen that are just for my family.
Sometimes things happen that are just for me.

So I'll give a brief update and then I'm going to complain a bit--I'm good at it:

Pigman is still coming. That film tried to drive me batty, but all it really did was make me want to make the next one.

I'll be getting the film finalized in the next week or so, then creating art for the DVD/Bluray cases... Then packing and stuffing the swag for those of you who were kind enough to help pay for this little movie and the monster will finally be revealed.

Next up might be a little something called, "The Legend of Pick-axe Dick."

Let your imagination chew on that one a bit.

Stop shooting each other, it sucks. Stop talking over each other. That sucks. We each owe a long hard look into the mirror to answer these questions: 

Is the world okay as is?
Is there something I can do about it?
How much are we willing to accept?

I don't know what I can do, but I'm really tired of feeling like I'm helpless to do anything. Do I give in and just live with the way things are? I mean, I guess that's fine. 99% of people are doing just that. Or do I get loud and hope one person hears? What's the point of being advanced, of being a wealthy country, of doing anything, if so many are in pain?

I don't do thoughts and prayers. They don't work. I suspect they never have and never will do any better than a coin flip. What needs to happen is getting off of social media, getting away from the television, from the phone, from all of those little windows into a world that doesn't really exist (including the one you are currently staring at) and look at the actual world. It's a painful band-aid to rip off, but it needs to be done.

What I should've said was....

This past weekend, I was privileged to sit on a panel of independent filmmakers and speak to the public. Now...I’m a writer, and not what one might call an accomplished writer, but a writer nonetheless. I write because I don’t speak well. My mind moves faster than my mouth and I tend to ramble and go off on unrelated tangents.
So what happened was this:  Michelle at HorrorHound asked me a question and I honestly don’t remember her exact words...so for the next minute or so I babbled. It was something about what it’s like for a novelist to cross over to writing and making films.

I think I talked about every other subject that was discussed prior and never really answered her question. I’m not sure I even approached the question. What a tool J

PigMan....the movie

After all this time, I'm finally getting around to doing what I've wanted to do since I was a kid:  Make Movies! The PigMan short film is happening!
My first book... Awww, look at him, all grown up.

The goal when writing Demons and Other Inconveniences was to eventually turn my stories into films, and that goal continued through the next 10 books. So I have a lot of material to adapt. I've made a few short films for practice, and then last year gathered with a group of people who are of a similar level of crazy and we made Anderson Wake. If you've read Down the Psycho Path, you might recognize it.
It was a great learning experience and turned out well...in fact, it's going to screen at this year's HorrorHound Weekend in Indianapolis this September--so go to the show and support Indie Horror!

He waits at the bottom of your stairs.
Now, the second film based on one of my stories is near and dear because it was the first short story I ever finished and published. Based on a nightmare my wife had, and then woke me to tell me about, PigMan is a demon you don't want hanging around your house.

We are crowdfunding this one because I want the monster to be properly represented. Practical effects all the way. I also have plenty of plans to expand on this creature's world...PigMan the feature film isn't outside the realm of possibility!

I'm working with a group of very talented actors and filmmakers who all have more experience than I do, so I hope to learn a lot from this shoot. Either way, it's going to be a blast to make, and I hope in the end, it scares the shit out of all of you.

So tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell random strangers to go check out the film's Facebook Page for updates.

Go to the PigManFilm page and donate! Share, share, share. There are plenty more scares to come.

Don't speak his name. My apologies to Voldemort. (not an actual representation of PigMan)

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